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Certified Full-Text Version of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Hi Everybody:

Thought it would helpful to have a link to the actual official law for download/viewing.  Enjoy!



  • Hi I have been downloading and looking every were for, Full version (over all 20000 pages of Obama care bill.) Does this contain all that information?
  • And if not I seen that the just made a new installment of almost 900 pages few days ago
  • Thanks for sharing. That's really helpful.
  • Oh my thank you! I'm surely going to download this and use this for some of the debates. I'm glad you found this full version!
  • Here's an excellent book on exemptions.

    ACA EXEMPTION BIBLE 2nd Edition: Affordable Care Act/ObamaCare Exemptions 
    by Michael Bark 
    Link: https://amzn.com/B01F44DGZW
  • Posts: 5
    Since you originally posted this, the link has either become damaged, or the full text ha been removed or moved elsewhere. I appreciate you putting this information out there, I simply wish that the link still functioned. I've never had the chance to look through the full text and would be curious to see how certain elements of the act are phrased.
  • SkySky
    Posts: 6
    As we are potentially about to go from MediCal here in California to private insurance either when I find a job or start receiving SS, this will be extremely helpful in my assessment of benefits provided by future employers. Thanks so much. U Rock!!!!
  • SkySky
    Posts: 6
    In that at least I know it's out there somewhere I guess, link still broken. Apologies.

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