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Do you think ObamaCare is going to increase or decrease healthcare insurance costs for individuals?

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Do you think ObamaCare is going to increase or decrease healthcare insurance costs for individuals?


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    I already pay over $1000 per month for my PPO health insurance for myself and family.  I hope it decreases the cost!
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    Depends- high risk individuals will likely see a break, whereas healthier, low-risk individuals will likely see increases. This is because everyone is being lumped into the same "risk pool," which allows everyone to play the same game.
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  • Unfortunately, it did both. It bumped up the cost for some people, making it seem unfair, but also helped a lot of people who couldn't previously afford any sort of insurance. There's always two sides :x
  • Since Obamacare was effective, my insurance premiums through my employer have risen the last two years in a row. I am afraid that if this program stats around foe the next president, that i will be paying way more than I ever expected to pay for my insurance. Affordable care is starting to not look so affordable.
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    I have no doubt that the costs will rise and continue to rise. We have already seen that, for the most part, premiums for individuals across the board have risen. I know numerous people who switched to Obamacare when it first became available, thinking that since it was the Affordable Care Act, it would be affordable. Now, their premiums have gone through the roof, especially this year, now that insurers are finally starting to collect enough data to know what they need to charge to make a profit.
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    I cannot really help but agree with @jiawson23 above in that it will inevitably increase costs in the end.  Even know I am hearing reports of record highs when it comes to individual costs, but of course those reports vary with locations and each person so you never really know.  I guess we will have to wait and see, but I am not holding out any hope.  Should be interesting to watch.
  • Moving back to Canada in December
    I thought I could live in the US as a Permanent Resident and pay for Obamacare. 2015 and 16 were good. For 2017 my premiums will double and my Deductible will double. I do not get a subsidy so I'm left with no other choice but to move. Life is worth more than paying exorbitant premiums for your basic need, Health Care.
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