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Blue Cross/Anthem of SoCal "no longer offer" my plan - aka dropping me?

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I received a letter from Blue Cross saying that because of requirements of the new ACA laws, they can no longer offer my current Individual health plan.  As such, they're telling me I have to find another plan as of Jan 1st.  I called them and they suggested I go on the Covered California website (which is a nightmare).  I know other people who have this plan who are just receiving steep rate increases - not plan cancelations.  I mentioned this to my oncologist and he said that I am the 6th patient of his who has received this same letter.  He thinks BC is taking the opportunity to weed out us high-maintenance folks by using the ACA "requirements" as an excuse.  Of course BC said this is impossible, but wondering if anyone has any input on this?  
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  • Hi @worriedsick:

    We've heard of Anthem Blue Cross having to drop plans because they do not meet the requirements of Obamacare, but in these cases they are offering another plan, i.e. migrating those people to a similar, albeit more expensive plan, that does meet the requirements of the ACA.  You're the first case I've heard about where Anthem is dropping the plan and insured without offering another similar plan.

    Comments from others out there?

    Thank you,
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    Are you sure that people with the exact same plan are allowed to stay on the plan at a higher cost? I would get some concrete evidence of this, if you have it. I do not understand this new law fully, but is it now illegal to take away people's insurance because of an illness? You might want to talk to your primary care provider about this too, and see if they noticed this trend too. 

    What happened to the old insurance rules about prior illness and them not covering these prior conditions?

    Does your insurance agent offer plans on the exchange site at all?  If they did just exclude you based on prior illness (and this is really not illegal), I hope they get some sort of major fines/punishments. 

    I wish you the best luck with your battle with cancer
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    I received the same letter this past summer. It is BS that the reason is I am a "high maintenance" patient because I am in my late 20s and have not used the health insurance during the past several years I've had it. It is too expensive and I have to pay out of pocket for everything (high deductible).

    But whatever, I've decided to forget about getting insurance or Obamacare since I don't go to the doctor and it is too expensive. Premiums are higher now than that insurance I couldn't even afford to use.
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  • Wow, I am so sorry this is happening to you. I cannot imagine being ill with an issue like the one stated in your post and being in a situation where I am being forced to find new coverage. At least with the ACA you can find coverage despite your pre-existing condition. I am praying for you that it works out in the end.
  • I'm impressed. I thought it might take a little bit longer than that for the greedy insurance companies to find a loop hole to get out of following the law. This story makes me angry. I'm guessing you don't go to you oncologist because have a slight cold. So, basically, they have decided to use some bs loophole to take coverage away from the people who need it the most.
  • Well this sounds like something that they should tell you of way in advance, but I am going to assume that they did not do this (October to January, so 2 months).  It is sad that you can pretty much see they are "weeding out" people they want to, as you put it.  It really makes you question what good a law is if it is not protecting people from these abuses, but I guess I cannot really say I am too surprised.  Thanks for sharing.
  • I had Blue Cross at one point before I was covered on my husband employee insurance and I never went to the doctor or anything. My plan was around $60 (2013) and all the deductibles were sky high. A friend of mine also had Blue Cross and received a similar letter except hers said she would have to pay double her premium making it a steep $400 a month, just covering her. We looked everywhere we possibly could in Oklahoma and she ended up deciding the end of the year penalty was cheaper then the premium. It was even cheaper for her to pay out of pocket then to pay the actual deductible offered by the plan. It's astonishing and is not right at all!
  • Yes if blue cross if no longer offering you a plan, you have to find a different provider. It sucks and I totally feel for you! Health coverage is not easy to find, such as affordability and who will accept you based on your current health. 
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