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covering another?

My husband is technically my live in boyfriend of 8 years. Common law marriages have been done away with in my area. Well, here's my dilemma...

I live, with my bf, in Tennessee. I work in Kentucky. He works in Kentucky. He can't afford to pay the premiums on the insurance his company offers.When I went to fill out some work paperwork, this morning, my bosses offer an affordable plan. Without the marriage license, is it possible for him to be covered on my policy? The nice lady at work didn't know.


  • If you are not married then I am betting that he would not be covered.  I am confused though, when you say that "common law marriages have been done away with in my area."  For one, I am just really familiar with the concept itself, and second, is this a new law that passed or something?  I am curious to hear, but I really hope that you find an answer, one that results in coverage of course.  Best of luck, and thanks for sharing.
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