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Do you think Obamacare will be repealed with the change of President after the next election?

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I have finally chosen a plan and found a way to minimize my out of pocket expenses and my premiums through the American Health Care Act (Obamacare) and I'm concerned that I have gone through all of this to have it taken away in 2017. Do you think that the next President will support the rebates and deductible assistance that is currently offered to low to medium income Americans? 


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    I hope so but doubt it. Subsidies and deductible assistance only increases the cost of healthcare for everyone. In a true free market system, health care is paid for by the consumer, not gov't or insurance. If consumers were responsible for the cost of health care, prices wouldn't be unreasonable. But with sugar daddies picking up the tab, our system will continue to allow medical providers to bill $500 for a 5 minute consultation with a specialist. When it's 'free' to the consumer it will be overused and abused and prices will only continue to rise.

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  • I am not sure why RWT wants his fellow Americans to die from lack of health care ...

    I think this question has already been answered by the way that the Republicans, leading up to the latest SCOTUS case concerning ObamaRomneyHeritageCare, were falling all over themselves to assure nervous constituents that their premium tax credit would not be rescinded.  The "plans" that they have been coming up as replacement all keep the major tenets of ObamaRomneyHeritageCare intact (although less generous with the tax credit), with the major exception of the mandates. both on employers (of a certain size) & individuals; their plans completely dispense with the employer mandate (which I agree with as the best way to ensure the political viability of ObamaRomneyHeritageCare is to take away the ability of folks to get tax-advantaged coverage via their employer, forcing them into the individual market, the strengthening of which is what ObamaRomneyHeritageCare was all about), but seem to come up with a quirky rule that folks who do not keep coverage lose the right to purchase regulated coverage.  This last part is the typical, cynical way that Republicans operate: get a law that sounds great at first, but that later becomes bad; in this case, what would happen is that folks would find out that they are both sick and not eligible to get coverage, thereby making those gutless t3rds put back in the guaranteed issue, but without the individual mandate, which would really screw over folks who wouldn't get a tax credit based on the cot of coverage.
  • I think this is a very good question because we have politicians that are running from both sides of the debate on the Obamacare issue. I am really interested in how this is going to work out. I know that Hilary is saying that she will keep the Healthcare Act but she plans to make changes to it. I think that is what it needs. It needs some tweaks to make it better. I'm glad you finally got it straight.
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    I am sure the next president will make changes to the current health care system. That's really going to suck for everyone who struggled to become a part of it. I wonder if there is any type of clause that protects people that enjoy the new health care and are satisfied with it. If there isn't, just a question for those out there that went through the process of getting new health care, did it cost you a lot of money or was it something that was already in your budget when you changed? If it did cost I think the next president should make sure any changes they make will not negatively affect anyone up front.
  • It is hard to say what changes will be made to Obamacare.  I am sure that the new president will most likely make some changes to Obamacare, but it won't be very easy to make any drastic changes immediately.  I do hope that there are no changes made for individuals with prior medical conditions. Individuals with medical conditions have the same right to have the same premiums and insurance as healthy individuals. 
  • It really would be a dick move but in all honesty that seems like the goal of everyone running at the moment.
  • It is not only the president's decision to make. We have the judicial branch for just this reason. The next president alone cannot do it. At the same time, even if that were the case, I wouldn't believe they would do it. Alter it, perhaps. Repeal it entirely, I doubt. It actually has done some good(whether or not you really believe so) and it just needs amended, in my opinion. I feel like that's the likely option. 
  • Without a doubt it will be replaced or thrown out all together if Trump makes office. If we get Obama's number one side kick, Clinton, in office, I'm sure we will see Obamacare staying. I don't know any president that would want to keep this mistake around. Obamacare is what made President Obama "famous". If we keep this healthcare plan, it will go down in history books as the for president to introduce healthcare to everyone. I say throw it out. It has only caused more headaches than good.
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    I feel that the next president will be a Democrat. I don't think any Republican candidate has enough support to win in the general election. Hilary Clinton wants to patch it up...to make it better. Bernie Sanders does want to replace it with a single payor plan which does make sense, but it will be very hard to do. 

  • I agree Tara, that I would suspect that the next President will be democrat as well. I would only hope that one of them throws this out all together, or replaces it so that it is truly "affordable" for everyone that needs it. I think the main issue with this, is it really is not affordable for most Americans at all. And it really does no justice for the people that are the middle class that need isurance, but now still can not afford it even with the subsides.
  • I think it will take a couple years after a new president is elected. I do think that obamacare will not be a permanet thing that is offered to americans. Its tempory. He used this "obamacare" to get people to side with him. 
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    Well to be honest I really have no idea how that whole process works, but it is certainly interesting to think about.  It probably depends on who wins, though, but I think that at this point Clinton is probably going to win.  In that case, I do not really see many changes coming in the near future, but I guess we will just have to wait and see.  Thanks for sharing.
  • guyguy
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    If Hillary wins, I don't think so. If Trump wins, I think it will go away, but probably not immediately, he needs to go threw a process. I also don't think that he will remove it until he has something better to offer.

    He doesn't want millions of people to loose coverage just to have nothing to fall back on, but I do believe he will have it removed within the first year.
  • Obamacare will survive. It shouldn't. Single payer is the only solution.
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    Do you seriously think more people are getting healthcare under ObamaCare? You're delusional. Obama has made a pact with the insurance companies to make them more money, that's what this is about. He designed this plan to fail so the government can step in to "fix" it and turn this into a Canadian single-payer country.

    I have zero coverage. Is it helping me? How do you figure someone can afford this healthcare that barely grosses 30k a year? The lowest plan I was offered would cost over $12,000 per year. Over $1000 per month for myself only and I've never had any medical issues. Don't drink, don't smoke. I hope Trump wins and kicks this piece-of-crap Unaffordable Health Care system down the toilet where it belongs.
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    Like Canada?  Haha.
  • TESLA, it sounds like you are in the income tranche of just barely over 400% of poverty - or perhaps stuck in the "family glitch"  and thus have no availability of financial help buying a policy (or else you'd be getting a very nice tax credit).  The way it has turned out, with rampant failure of health folks buying coverage, the ACA is in a death spiral.  The limitation on age pricing has also made the ACA a bad deal for young folks (obviously, that is not your problem).  I can understand your anger and wanting to vote for the fascist just to get this burden lifted.  (Actually, I can understand voting for the fascist because the other candidate was also dishonorable, but that's a different topic ...)

    The question politically is where do we go from here.  The political will to have very strong enforcement of the mandate is just not there.  The latest Republican replacement plan in essence has a stealth mandate in that the ability to get coverage through a guaranteed risk pool requires that the individual maintain continuous coverage.  This will serve to look good at first, but then as all the folks who didn't buy coverage - either because they are irresponsible idiots that have been infantilized by the Republican Party, or have legitimately had some financial crisis - will be cast off into the netherworld of "no coverage for you"; of course, these folks, once they get sick and realize their situation, will become diehard Medicare-For-All voters, even voting for a transsexual candidate if that's what it takes. 

    Now, it remains to be seen how this will all come out, but any plan that does not stop folks from falling through the cracks will be a non-starter with the Democrats, and therefore the Republicans will own whatever version of the ACA that comes out; the net effect is that they probably will get very scared and only change a few things - most probably allowing for there to be an alternate Exchange with every Wild West free market plan that can be thought out that does not have any guarantees to be side by side with the original ACA Exchange that will have the guaranteed coverage, but there being no mandates at all, even the virtually toothless one that is there now.  Of course what will happen is that sick or high-risk folks will be excluded from the alternate Exchange (which will be rather inexpensive as only good risk folks will be allowed) an be stuck on the old Exchange, which of course will have super skyrocketing rates.  Lower income folks will probably continue to get a premium tax credit, although it may be a bit less, and it will only extended up to maybe 300% of poverty.  If you're healthy, you could probably get a plan that is inexpensive, but it will be as bad as a current ACA plan with a very high deductible.
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