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Would You Have Healthcare Coverage?

If it wasn't for Obama implementing the Affordable Care Act and forcing everyone to carry insurance, would you have health coverage?

I, personally, don't think I would have health coverage. I rarely feel the need to go to the doctor and even when I should I'm more likely to hold off and let my body take care of itself then pay a doctor big bucks to give me amoxicillin. Having health coverage now means nothing. They are just finally getting the money I didn't shove out by not seeking healthcare professionals. The premiums are ludicrous, hundreds of dollars. The benefits that come with the costly premiums are nothing. Deductibles are expensive enough to throw you into debt quicker then a doctor can even treat a simple condition. It seriously frustrates me and there is nothing we can do to change it. I'm all for Universal Healthcare like Canada has. Why hasn't this been implemented here? It would save our taxes and put them to better use somewhere we could actually USE it. Even if it's something that can't be done overnight, I would sleep better at night knowing this ridiculous expense isn't going to last forever.

Would You?
  1. Have healthcare if you had the choice?1 vote
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Undecided


  • No, and guess what? Its now mandatory for everyone to have health insurance, but until he is willing to pay for mine, I am not getting it. Basically, I am not okay with being forced to carry insurance, Thats a crock of junk and I dont think it should be that way. It should be optional, just like it was before. I do not plan to purchase any time soon either. 
  • Posts: 70
    Seems like everyone is really experiencing the same sort of wonderment about what we are in for, and this is way too late to still be having that.  I would feel a lot better just going backwards at this point, but again I have no idea really.
  • guyguy
    Posts: 10
    This is wrong, I don't have healthcare, and I don't file income tax returns because I'm not liable for the federal income tax because wages, and salaries in the U.S. are not income, they are equal exchange so if I don't need to file returns, therefor eliminating the need to pay a fine for not having coverage. 

    It's a crime to force people to pay for something they don't want, it's not up to the government to decide if the people should have insurance or not, they can offer national healthcare for free, but making people pay a fine is a crime. 

    I don't have it and don't want it.
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