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The amount of income???

  Hello there,

  I was going to apply for Obamacare , and I faced a problem when I was going to enter my income.

  There are 2 people in my family (my wife and I) who want to apply.

 The thing is my wife just got laid off and Dec-20 is her last day at work. She is gonna have 6 more paycheck in about 3 months and that is it.

 I want to see that how I have to calculate the income of my family under this situation. If I put the income for 2013 , it is gonna be a different situation and since my wife got laid off our family income is gonna be something away lower than now.

 I need your help with that.

 Best regards.

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    Greetings! Were u ever able to get an answer to your question? If not, I'll give it a go...I think it would be best for you to enter the info that you provided just as you stated. Provide your household's income for 2013 on the application as accurately as possible. Since you know your wife has a few more checks coming, there may be some income she'll earn in 2014. Estimate what you think she may receive from unemployment or any other sources this year, and add that to yours to get your HOUSEHOLD's estimated income for 2014. If you feel uncomfortable estimating her income as anything higher than what you know her to have earned, then just enter what you know. Then let the Marketplace do the work. Hopefully you will your family will be eligible for a health coverage and some cost deductions. If her employment status changes (fingers crossed!) then you can go back to your Marketplace account and update that status change so you won't be penalized later. 1 more thing, if her job-loss puts your household income at a level that makes health coverage unaffordable--& your state declined Medicaid expansion--then you can apply for an exemption from being required to have health insurance. While this may not be the desired option, it will prevent you from having to pay the Individual Mandate tax penalty (greater of 1% of household income or $95 per each person in the household) on your 2014 taxes.
    Good luck!
    Thanked by 1Bob_Moderator
  • Well I am not sure if this is going to be good sound advice, or just ramblings from me as a need to vent my frustrations, so beware I guess.  I would say report as LESS of an income as you can (but again, I do not want to promote anything illegal).  I was shocked at the difference that it made in the rates that I was able to get, and so I can only assume that this is the case for most people.  Best of luck, and thanks for sharing.
  • They SAY it goes by income, but I doubt it. We are a single income home, and we bring in about $1500 a month, and we are a family of 5. For health insurance, for everyone in our house, would be over $500 a month... Not sure how this is affordable. 
  • guyguy
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    I doubt that is goes by income also because they know they don't care about that. My job wanted to take a third of my monthly income for insurance, and that was B.S. to me, they know the workers couldn't make a living with the wages they were getting paid. 

    I'd just call them directly if you actually wanted the insurance, and I would ask them all types of questions why they needed that information from me.
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    I am not really sure what to believe anymore, but I do know that when I was looking at the marketplace, there was a huge difference between the prices when it changed and I had an income.  I was almost better off just staying unemployed, but actually not really, but still you get the point.  It is a healthy chunk.
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